The Imaginarium

Is what we’ve learned about ourselves and the world really the truth, or is it just our opinion that we don't want to change, because we’ve become accustomed to it?


The credo of Imaginary is primarily based on the concepts of pursuing the superior reality of innumerable forms and associations, usually neglected, for they are illusory. With the omnipotence of dreams, that involuntary play of imagination,  we are periodically inspired to ignore the physical forms and upgrade these associations with our unique projections. The emerging scenario can be captured from the crannies in a dream, or through the transmission process by the mystical soul in the state of transcendence. Most of our life goes by in comparing what others say, be it a politician, a fortune teller, a scientific authority, or some new-age guru, and we are only support actors in someone else’s visions. Since ancient times, thousands of religious scriptures and pathways to the prescribed, ready-made truth, find their followers and fanatics. By utilizing lies, indulgence, assumption, make beliefs, rumors, superstition, and conspiracy theories, until the veracity of truth, turns into an obscure construct or even to babbling gibberish. Consequently, it submerges and spreads into various fields of activity, making the impression of repositioning life continuance in some indefinite future…

Imaginary Art - Dreamweavers Wonderland

Dreamweavers Wonderland

What is the reflection of timelessness in an era of extreme aberrations? Resound communication or cacophony, with the vanishing world? The existence in an indefinite period of reality or contemporaneity? A unique externalization of the stored configuration from the soul, embedded in the human body as ego, that will soon be subjected to the forces of degradation and decay?  In one distant day, these attempts will be inevitably depreciated and disintegrated into digital dust. Is it better for expectations and endeavors, to remain uncorrupted and uncompromising in Immanent as imaginary? The immutable state of creation is a powerful mind concept, only! Before it manifests itself in criticism and mockery of the idiocracy?

Regarding the original concept, the creation is totally immune! It manifests collectively unconsciously, beyond the immediate truths of the visible world. Therefore, it can be assumed that creators are the hidden custodians and heralds of parallel spheres, rather than active members of modern society and its rites. They possess a sense of appreciation for fiction and symbolism which is deeply encoded. And they are striving hard to mark their message, consciously and authentically. We were here! Whatever the response of the world may be, they remain stoical. But what will it take you, to respond?

Imaginary Art - Relentless Quest

Relentless Quest

This world is a contemporary mixture of assemblings! The joyfulness; the hopefulness; the hopelessness; the pain; the relentless pursuit for some meaningful engagement of the transient man in a tantalizing and deceiving world in the abundance of potential forces, which, in order fully to actualize itself, has to pass through temporal existence.

As we claimed earlier, the artist’s blueprint is inspired and composed out of captured glimpses, which are expressed metaphorically and relate to an uncommon sense of beauty, that seems to be impossible to attain. We have to ignore the time, mock transience, and celebrate the Omnipresence of the Creator. Thrive in prominence, glittering temptation, fame, excitement, and glamour…

The Neo-Theosophy exemplifies the compendium of Earth Energy – Akasha – records, known as The Book of Life, as the core concept of information, that clarifies contemporaneity. Resulting in multi-dimensional images, and fantastic surfaces. “Blackhole of Meta-creation. Aberration of  Astral voyage. Ephemerality.  Phosphenes. A Transcendent Afterglow…
It shakes the mortal being — lost among all this inconceivable greatness to the very core, and it causes chaos. But in long term, it helps!

Imaginary Art - Becoming Immortalized

Becoming Immortalized

Although initially invisible to the public, the imaginary still persists, as surely as Immanent Consciousness itself exists, and persists. The past of imaginary storylines was recorded far back in a time of the invisible being on the sky, existing only as a myth in a blurred memory.  Later manifested in the era of incomprehensible fears, followed by adoration of fake idols and idealism. Myths, legends, fairy tales; historical facts in the timeline of existence! Gone they are, forgotten and swept away, for the reasons long forgotten.

Although the past is essential for the comprehension of what the future holds, modern society mainly feeds on the alluring beauty of consumerism, glamour, and upcoming idiocracy, which doesn’t contribute anything to the prosperity of the human spirit.

In conclusion, imaginary artist cognition rests in a burning desire to escape the prison of restricted and unfree! A strong affection for the spheres of Ultimate Dreamer’s dream is apparent. From here a diligent creation is an outpouring and emanation, as a result of a courageous questto be Immortalized in eternal file; being exempt from death in some form of unending existence ∞

…But it has to be seen to be believed …

» Behold to Your Dreams, for in them Dwells the Hidden Gate to the Eternity «

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