Relentless Quest – the Externalization of the Formless...

Finding the neglected multidimensional layers of the Human Universe...

This Wonderland

“Transience spreads before us as diversity which tantalizes and deceives. To conclude what the senses tell us, is neither real nor unreal; It is temporarily real; pragmatically real; a combination of truth and falsehood; apparently real, but fundamentally unreal.” (Monadic Media)

A treatise on the Imaginary Fancier – Part I.

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There was a man, called Angel, that originates from one of the many StarBorne* tribes. He walks on two legs, doesn’t have a pair of wings, and is a human being, but in his essence, he once was an attribute of the Sephira’s ** The emanation of the Golden Ray in the Three Stars of Orion’s Belt. He wasn’t easily recognizable, but still, far from the invisible. He had learned a good deal of all that people of average high intelligence can and was a fairly clever fellow.

What he had not learned, however, was to find contentment in his own soul. He was carrying, some unclear sadness in himself. The cause of this apparently was, that at the bottom of his heart he knew, he was in reality not a man, but an Angel, originate from a cluster of star-borne beings outside the human race in the Greater Reality ***. Many of man’s activities soon became horribly absurd, stupid, and vain. For the human part of him was only observing and it actually wasn’t a part of common life, condemning the pleasures of simple, wild, and unstable human beings, and ardently despised mediocrity.
Quite often Angel was very unhappy, and he could make others unhappy too. For all who once loved him, they saw only one side in him. And they had to, because Angel wished, as every sentient being does, to be loved as a whole. Thought one part of his nature was cleverly hidden at each human encounter, even so, he infused, his own dual and divided nature, into destinies of others, whenever he came into contact with them …

* The StarBorne – those who originate from the Stars. Earth was originally colonized by volunteers from numerous star systems. Many systems send representatives. They belong to all races of humanity, all countries of the world. The Star-Borne are those who remember, those who are in the process of remembering, and those who choose not to remember.

** The Sephiras – they know the sun, physical and super-physical, as the heart and source of all power and life within the Solar System. From that heart, the vitalizing energies which are the life “blood” of the solar and planetary “body” of the Logos are continually out-poured and withdrawn. They may be regarded as the active, creative Intelligence’s and form-builders of all objective creation.

*** Greater Reality – the heightened, supra-normal reality system anchored in Oneness. Three Stars in Orion’s Belt: Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak (Delta, Epsilon and Zeta Orionis)- the control points. The central star Al Nilam corresponds to AN and is a black hole. It is the entry point to the doorway 11:11.

Is There Anybody Out There?

There is a burning desire to escape the prison of the known and the real, to realize the incredible content revealed by the omnipotence of dreams, that involuntary play of imagination ...

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