The Manifesto of ∴ Imaginary

Imaginarium for the Omnipresent ∞ Immanent Scenography of the Human Universe


DreamWeaver Deliberations on the subject of  Neo-Theosophy, Meta-creation,
and Inspiration within Transcendent Afterglow

The Manifesto od digitalArt association

The Imaginarium

“Let the Forces come together. Let them mount to the High Place, and from that lofty eminence, let the Soul look out upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: “I still persist!’ ”
( Esotheric Psychology II)

If our life is passing in comparing what other one says, be it a politician, a fortune teller, a scientific authority, or some new-age guru, we will only be support actors in someone else’s visions…

Imaginary Art - The Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot

“There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. In our obscurity, in all the vastness, there is also no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from … ourselves.”
(Carl Sagan).
The ultimate proof of human stupidity: to desolate the paradise on Earth, while dreaming of going somewhere far away. Arriving in distant hell of gas and ice, and strive to live on it. And finally presenting it all as a triumph of the human race.
Imaginary Art - Deep Dream

Deep Dream

“Transience spreads before us as diversity which tantalizes and deceives. To conclude what the senses tell us, is neither real nor unreal; It is temporarily real; pragmatically real; a combination of truth and falsehood; apparently real, but fundamentally unreal.”
(Monadic Media)

This world is a contemporary mixture of assemblings! The potential Force of joyfulness and hopefulness; of hopelessness and pain; a relentless endeavor, to be noticed and praised…

Imaginary Art - Becoming Immortalized

Becoming Immortalized

“Immanent is not personal, neither is Transcendence. Each is an expression in time, space, and motion of an impersonal Principle, which Itself is eternal, omnipresent and at rest.”
(The Kingdom of the Gods)

Although, every Soul on this Planet has its limitations. No Soul may ever reach beyond its spiritual boundaries. However, beyond the human sphere are the innumerable spheres after spheres, connected with our Earth…

A place for Endorsing the Imagination, towards the Inevitable Voyage – the Withdrawal from Awareness of One’s own Existence …

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