Art of Imaginary

Immanent ∞ Omnipresent Scenography of the Universe

Finiteness is essential to the manifestation of THAT which is Infinite.
It has to be seen to be believed.

Art of Digital Collage

The Sphere of Imaginary

The Sphere of Imaginary creations encompasses the joy, sadness and hope of a transient man in the world full of potential. The Sphere of imaginary is used metaphorically and refers to uncommon sense of beauty that seems to be impossible to attain. The artist generates images that are extremely challenging for today’s audience, because of his obscure visualizations as compared to the existing guidelines of Surrealism. The content mixes in an unusual and original way. Through the invocation of archetypes, the core concept in the scenography begins to externalize. Imaginary content is interwoven to deep symbolic meaning, resulting in fantastic surfaces and landscapes. A place of multi-dimensional sphere where the main celestial elements have alike distant from the center of happening. A consequence of possible aberrations in the mysterious occurrences of dark matter. A black hole of Cosmology. It shakes you up to the very core and it causes chaos. But it helps.

Art of Digital Collage

Art of Imaginary Fancier

Conceptual scenography is the reflection of timelessness in era of extreme aberrations. A cry-out communication with the vanishing world. Regarding the concept, it means we create something before it actually manifests. Therefore we presume, we are the Caretakers of Earth and Things above the Sky, rather than active members of modern society and its rites. Imaginary scenography often appears as a compromise. Presuming the facts as though scenery is true, before the manifestation occurs, which needs to be seen before believed, anyway. Absence of evidence is not yet the evidence on absence of immanent. We are striving hard to mark our message, authentic and socially critical. Imaginary scenoraphy is pretty fluid in form and rejoice the freedom of the Imaginary universe whenever it manifests itself  in profound confidence. However, response of the world is indifferent and that is frightening. When it will make you believe?

Art of Digital Collage

Relentless Quest

Regarding the final construct, there is a sense of reaching the endless borders of the Imaginary world. Though imaginary only exists in someone’s imagination, appreciation to fiction is deeply encoded and is endlessly expanding beyond individual universe. The first series of Imaginary artworks, were created far back in time, living only as a blurred memory. A time of incomprehensible fears, brave ideas, followed by idealism and obscure creation, since, pursuing high-minded goals, was the only reality. Rather than paint, the surreal and abstract, was our chosen liberation. Today’s modern society feeds on alluring beauty of consumerism and glamour and doesn’t contribute nothing at all, to prosperity of the human spirit. Imaginary artist cognition rests in a strong affection for the world on the other side, beyond the boundaries of known and secure, where the imaginary artwork is manifested, as a diligent construction of courageous quest.

» Blessed are Those who have not Seen and yet have Believed «

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