Exuberance for Transience and Inconceivability of the human Universe...

Contemporary Journey through the spheres of Obscure and Ambivalent...

Relentless Quest

“Immanent is not personal, neither is Transcendence. Each is an expression in time, space and motion of an impersonal Principle, which Itself is eternal, omnipresent and at rest.” (The Kingdom of the Gods)

A treatise on the Imaginary Fancier – Part II.

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In this connection, one thing must be said. There are quite a few people of the same kind as Angel. Many artists have a similar origin. All these persons have two beings within them. Light and dark part; the capacity for total happiness and the capacity for suffering; And all these men, for whom life has no rest from within, revive at their rare moments of happiness with such indescribable joy.
Their blissfulness is spreading so high and shines over the wide sea of suffering, that its radiance, touches others too with its enchantment. And thus in these precious times, all those inspired scenarios arise within Angel. They lift themselves for a moment, high above this human destiny. This happiness shines like a giant star and impacts all those, who recognize it as something fundamental and as the happiness of their own.
But in quintessence all men like Angel, whatever their activity may be, their lives are not their own. They are not the same as other men are.
To Angel
, a desperate and horrible insight has occurred, that perhaps the whole of human life is but a bad joke, a violent abortion of the primal mother, a savage and hopeless deviation of nature. He was ever more frustrated. He ordered his ways to suit no man. Independently and alone, he decided what to do and what to leave undone. Finally, he achieved his aim… He was ever more independent. But in the midst of this freedom he had attained, Angel gradually became aware that his freedom was oblivion and that he stood alone. The world in a weird way, left him in peace. 
Other men concerned him no longer. Slowly, he began to suffocate in a more and more rarefied atmosphere of solitude. The magic wish was fulfilled and it was impossible to withdraw. The world has forgotten that he ever existed …

* The StarBorne – those who originate from the Stars. Earth was originally colonized by volunteers from numerous star systems. Many systems send representatives. They belong to all races of humanity, all countries of the world. The Star-Borne are those who remember, those who are in the process of remembering, and those who choose not to remember.

** The Sephiras – they know the sun, physical and super-physical, as the heart and source of all power and life within the Solar System. From that heart, the vitalizing energies which are the life “blood” of the solar and planetary “body” of the Logos are continually out-poured and withdrawn. They may be regarded as the active, creative Intelligence’s and form-builders of all objective creation.

*** Greater Reality – the heightened, supra-normal reality system anchored in Oneness. Three Stars in Orion’s Belt: Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak (Delta, Epsilon and Zeta Orionis)- the control points. The central star Al Nilam corresponds to AN and is a black hole. It is the entry point to the doorway 11:11.

Is There Anybody Out There?

There is a burning desire to escape the prison of the known and the real, to realize the incredible content revealed by the omnipotence of dreams, that involuntary play of imagination ...

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